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Click here to view any or all of the Guitars with J on Way video reviews. We've listed them in chronological order and by manufacturer. Simple click an episode to view, or if you choose a manufacturer the models and matching episodes will come up.
While the sight was made for all of us who are guitar nuts, this page is dedicated to all of us Lefties. Click here for some great links to find those ever elusive Left Hand Guitars; also a great place to go for Lefty Links or other cool sites devoted to Lefties.
Click here to view some unusual guitars found in some unusual places. This area allows you to add pictures of your own. So the next time you see a Pawnshop Princess, snap a shot and post it up here for all to enjoy.
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View Jon's guitars and show off your own collection. If you're here then you have G.A.S (guitar acquisition syndrome)Easily upload you guitar pics and comment on others.
Click here for a collection of cool links we've found over time. Log in and send us your favorite links. We'll add an icon and post them up.
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